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Ignite! Alabama teaches hundreds about resources to start businesses

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Wednesday, the upper area of Regions Field transformed into a gathering spot of experienced business owners and those thinking of diving in for the first time.

This was part of the first Ignite! Alabama- a collaboration between the Governor's Office of Minority Affairs and the Alabama Black Womens Roundtable.

The event was meant to empower minority women, with the specific focus on minority women business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as celebrating HBCUs, sharing information on workforce development and encourage high schoolers to take the next step. Those who attended learned about the resources available for minority business women in Alabama.

Nichelle Nix from the Governor's Office of Minority Affairs says the demographic of minority women business owners in Alabama is growing, and the hope is to have a mechanism in place where everyone can get connected to these resources.

“To support a minority businesswoman who is working in the Black Belt, that is strengthening her community, strengthening her family," Nix said. "It has a domino effect in the state, and ultimately, the state wins when everyone is supported and strengthened.” "This is the time," Jefferson County Commissioner and fellow organizer Sheila Tyson said when asked about the time for minority women in Alabama to get into business. "I think we might not get another opportunity like this within this 10-year period. We need to go, grab hold to it and grow it as quick as we can."

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